Sunday, 25 September 2016

A Day At Wingham Wildlife Park | Lifestyle

A Day At Wingham Wildlife Park

As you'll already know S and I have recently moved house. Hence the serious lack of blog posts. Sorry, about that.

I recently took a break from unpacking boxes to spend some quality time with my dear friends in Kent, who I had not seen for over 2 years! During my surprise weekend visit, we took a drive up to Wingham Wildlife Park. Now, I realise zoos aren't for everyone but I love them and I hadn't visited a zoo since my trip to Ireland in 2013, so I was super excited to see some cute animals especially the Lemurs and Meerkats. 

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

How To: Cross Stitch Your Own Photographs | Guest Post

Hi! My name is Bee and I currently live in South Yorkshire. I love glitter, knitting & laughing .. all at the same time preferably!

Jess & I worked together for a while, years ago, in a cinema in Leicester, but really bonded online where we discovered our mutual love of blogging. I am beyond chuffed to have been asked by her to write a blog feature. My own blog posts are photo heavy, but I’ll try to put my degree in English to good use here and write some words too!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Why So Quiet? | Blog Announcement

This is one blog post I've been putting off writing for a little while now. Even as I sit here typing, I struggle to find the right words, but as August flies by and September is just around the corner, I feel now more than ever is probably the right time to sit and write this post.

A little explanation as to why things have become a little quiet over here recently.